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 VLink technical supports show in every key points of whole marketing, sale and post sale ring. VLink consider maintenance and support customer is more important than just only a simple deal. We cherish your every call, visit, request and every word. We communicate with customer and talk internal to analyze what will meet customer satisfactory. We understand customer feelings and will settle solutions on our effort with our team shoulders and intelligence. We are friends and partner always.

Responsibilities of technical support work:
 General Products: Provide technical support for the use and maintenance of general products.
 Customized Products:
VLINK technical support engineers can discuss product requirements, design and usage, and installation with customers according to their needs. Then design the samples suitable for compliance to be used by the customer, and if necessary, discuss the final conclusion again.
 Customized Raw Material Processing
According to the customer's requirements some raw materials are provided by the customer, the technical support engineer understands the characteristics of raw materials and processes the products required by the customer.
 Supply Channel Support
Technical support engineers support customer design and proposal with resources from suppliers or downstream brand supply channel vendors.
 Customer Technology Connection
Telephone talks with customers and upstream users to discuss product usage, design, migration, commission, etc.
 professional customer service
Combined with engineer's experience, technical level, legal writing ability and comprehensive coordination of various information, it provides customers with an all-round technical support experience.

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