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Vlink High Speed AWG Optical Device Package

>AWG packaging process includes coupling alignment and bonding operations. The coupling of the AWG chip to the fiber array is manual and automatic. The mainly hardware they rely on is: six-dimensional precision trimming frame, light source, power meter, microscopic observation system, etc. The most commonly used is automatic alignment, which forms...... The main process of AWG packaging is as follows: 1.Preparation for coupling alignment, clean the waveguide and carefully install it on the waveguide; then clean the fiber again, one end is...... 2.Observe the position of the fiber at the incident end and the waveguide by means of a microscopic observation system, and manually adjust the parallelism and end face spacing of the fiber and the waveguide by...... 3.Turn on the laser light source, according to the images of the X-axis and the Y-axis observed by the microscopic system, and by means of the spot at the output end of the waveguide, the coupling alignment of the fiber at the incident end with the waveguide is preliminarily...... 4.When the microscopic observation system observes that the spot at the output of the waveguide has achieved the desired effect, the microscopic observation system is removed. ......

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The difference between MPO and MTP

>Within the repaid development of applications of all industrial, such as data center, cloud computing, cloud storage. etc., the requirement ...... What is MPO connector? MPO is the abbreviation of “multi-fiber pull off”. The ferrule of this connector has more than 1 fiber...... What is MT ferrule? MT is a mechanical docking transmission, the ferrule is a multi-core (usually 12 cores). The performance of ...... What is MTP connector? MTP connector is a high performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs, relative to a normal MPO connector, MTP fiber optic connectors are enhanced in both optical and mechanical properties. MTP connectors...... Why is the MTP connector described as a high performance MPO connector? Performance and availability are improved over MPO connectors through specially designed MTP connectors. This design feature of MTP is unique and patented. The main features are as......

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4x25G PSM4 and CWDM4 Technology

>The traditional data center is mainly based on the 10G network architecture. In order to adapt to the scale deployment of AI, deep learning, big data computing and other services, the next-generation data center architecture is evolving to the 25G/100G network architecture. In China, Internet giants such as BAT have been realized Scale deployment. Building a 25G/100G data center requires a large number of 100G 1.What is the QSFP28 PSM4 optical module? ...... 2.What is the QSFP28+ CWDM4 optical module? ......

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How can VLINK control the core pitch error of the V groove and Fiber Array?

>1.How can Vlink control the core pitch error of the V groove and Fiber Array? A: VLINK has the most advanced Fiber Array Distance testing instrument, Model number: YGN-590-FAVGMT produced by Yagishitagiken Company. The product could reach laser moving precision at 0.01um...... 2, What kind of reference standard could be referred to product reliability? Our products are used mostly to apply to data center, which are referred the standard which combine GR-326-core,GR-1221-core,GR-1435-core for passive ...... 3, How does the V-groove distance be tested? A: a; The projection method obtains the corresponding coordinate......

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How can VLINK customize the product research design?

>1. How can VLINK customize the product research design? A: For FA design, research, and production, our company has many professional engineers who have optical industry background. Random dimension and design method could be customized produced, such as slice cover, 45°all direction reflection FA, our company design FA instrument for aligned FA polish tool, FA polish machine and improve polish method...... 2. Which kind of special fiber FA products could VLINK produce? A: VLINK is based on research and technology and study single kinematic errors accurate fitting for ultra-precision micro v-groove machine tools. We have various special FA, such as high percentage ER PM FA, Silicon optic module application MFD......

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FA Product Process Skill

>1.Which kinds of adhesives does VLINK use? A:VLINK as long use original imported adhesives, according to customer application environment, we customized various special application design skill, such as special items of high temperature oven, bending circus. In order to ensure the stability of Encapsulation and technique, our...... 2, How to ensure product problem of product fiber-broken? A: A: VLINK has advanced fiber micro loss testing instrument in optical industry. Meanwhile, in product manufacturing control, we have special fiber strip...... 3, How does 45°all direction product ensure the customer alignment efficiency? A: VLINK make special development on design, that is, strictly control the product degree by polish tools to ensure ...... 4, Where is the advantage of Fiber Array? A: According to customer application......

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