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CWDM4 package series

AWG Alignment and Package 

In this package form, the optical path is transmitted in the waveguide in the module, the structural design of the passive part is relatively simple, and the packaging difficulty is greatly reduced.

Using the existing PLC market process technology and production line, the production line capacity can be quickly increased, and the process is relatively mature. However, because chips need to be produced on a large scale in order to generate cost advantages, there is room for price reduction when huge capacity is released in later data centers. At the same time, due to the use of the AWG chip structure, the loss of this type of product is relatively large, and it has a long distance. There is no advantage in transmission.

Vlink has an automatic coupling production line that can fully produce this type of product. It is one of Vlink's flagship products.

TFF Assembly 

TFF package, a relatively new passive product. The optical path of the product in the module is an automatic space, and the complexity of the packaging of the optical path has greatly increased. Higher requirements have been imposed on design and development and post-production process management. The reliability risk of the product is also relatively large compared to the AWG solution.

Because this product uses the Filter scheme, the loss of the product is relatively small, which is conducive to long-distance transmission. At the same time, Filter's process also belongs to a large number of mature processes in the industry. With batch production, the price advantage is relatively obvious.

Vlink has an advanced fully automatic placement machine that integrates the industry's excellent supply chain resources and can provide customers with competitive solutions.

Silicon optical module package

As the package form of optical modules is getting smaller and smaller, various manufacturers are doing everything possible to integrate, and the silicon optical solution has set off a new trend of reform.

The early silicon-optical schemes focused on TX and RX, and packaged with a grating coupling scheme. This new type of design places higher requirements on the design requirements of FA. Vlink is the first to break through the technical bottlenecks of some special FAs and provide customers with more cost-effective solutions.

In some of these solutions, in order to reduce the size of the chip, the diameter of the waveguide is becoming smaller and smaller, and the accuracy of the FA pitch is required to be higher, and the mode field diameter of the product is smaller, but the loss is also higher. In such products, we already has very mature solutions, including PM Fiber FAU solutions.

COB package

COB (Chip On Board) technology is to first fix the chip or optical component on the PCB through the glue patch process, then wire bonding for electrical connection, and finally drip irrigation on the top. The benefit of this non-hermetically sealed process is that automation can be used. For example, optical components can be regarded as a "chip" after hybrid integration through flip-chip bonding. Then use COB technology to fix it on the PCB. At present, COB technology has been widely adopted, especially in the case of using VCSEL arrays for short-range data communication. Highly integrated silicon light can also be packaged using COB technology.

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