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Team Building – Zhaoqing

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Team Building  Zhaoqing


In order to strengthen teamwork, strengthen cohesion and combat effectiveness, the team management and some excellent employees attended the team building from 22nd April to 23rd April.


Training content: characters of outstanding employees

  1. Loyalty - Think about the problem from the standpoint of the company, always maintain the company's interests, and stand the test in the face of outside temptation.

  2. Dedication - The first condition for investigating employees is dedication, willingness to make personal sacrifices for the work, fulfilling their duties, and not counting personal gains and losses to complete the work.

  3. Conscious  do not wait for the advise, from need me to do to I need to do.

  4. Responsibility - the words must be believed, the results must be fruitful, do not make excuses for mistakes, do not play the ball with problems, and dare to bear.

  5. Efficiency - Calculate costs from time to time, quantify and refine daily work, overcome delays, keep priorities in mind, and take things first.

  6. Result-oriented - Don’t look at the hard work, make things happen at the beginning. The method is always more than the problem. If there are no conditions, I will create conditions and complete the task beyond expectations.

  7. Communication - Communication and gossip are two different things. With the plan to ask questions, communicate face to face, solve problems on the spot, and cultivate emotional intelligence that accepts criticism, there may be contradictions within the world, and the outside must be consistent.

  8. Teamwork - The team advances, self-retreats, obeys the overall arrangement, observes discipline, guarantees combat effectiveness, and is more for others and for the team.

  9. Proactive - Always keep up with the pace of the business, the market and the workplace. Constantly sum up experience and improve the level.

  10. Low profile - You don't have to be proud of you, you don't have to ask for rewards, you can overcome the psychology of “big and small use”, and strive to be consistent with your name and name. You must match your position, the results are only the beginning, and honor is the driving force.

  11. Saving - Saving is not a trick, but a virtue. Reimbursement of accounts must be honest, cherish every minute of work, save, is the profit!

  12. Grateful - always grateful, and the heart full of sunshine. Work gives you not only reward, but also opportunities to learn and grow. Grateful to the people around you who give you help.

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