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Vlink govers the company with a cultural philosophy of high efficiency, high quality, low cost, with professional services, friendly, well communicating, good understanding, cooperation and mutal help, maintain an edge in the high-speed optical connectivity market. Vlink developed products and customers in the fields of data centers, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and supercomputers. Vlink has new product and technology R&D capabilities, maintained a good momentum of rapid development, become the first choice and best partner of telecom operators and corporate customers, and become a brand loved by customers

Innovation: technological innovation, management innovation, process innovation.

Efficiency: fast response to changes in the market, develop the most cost-effective products.

Quality: details determine success or failure, perseverance. Taking care of products is like life, injecting energy into fiber optic products, letting it release vitality in the application market.

Team: team spirit is our first requirement. Vlink members focus on corporate interests, take care of the big picture, unite as one, and work together to form an indomitable team.

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